Friday, July 31, 2009

The Rabbit and the Elephant - by Freijah, John and Will

The Rabbit and the Elephant

There was once a small rabbit and big elephant who lived in the forest. One rainy day, a tree fell onto the rabbit’s home. The rabbit was frustrated and terrified because her five babies were in the burrow.

Rabbit was so upset she was crying and screaming for help. Out of the forest came a huge, tough, blue gray elephant. Rabbit was a little scared of the of the elephant. But Rabbit was amazed to see that Elephant was in time to pick up the tree trunk off the burrow.
“Thank you so so much Mr. Elephant. You saved my babies!” Said Rabbit. “I thought if I help you, you may help me in future.” Said the Elephant.

The next sunny morning, hunters arrived in the forest. They were hunting for the rabbits to eat when they saw the elephant. They shot the elephant with a spear gun A spear pierced the tough, hairy, wrinkly skin of the elephant and fell straight to his side. The elephant made a terrible noise which scared the hunters away.

The rabbit saw the Elephant in pain and it jumped on to the elephant and gnawed and pulled at the spear with her sharp teeth and claws.

The Rabbit and the Elephant became really good friends because they helped each other.

“Little friends may prove to be great friends.”

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  1. Great story, Freijah, John and Will. I really enjoyed reading it.